An Introduction to the British Army

Foreword by the Field Marshal

The British Army is the result of effort, energy and tears being combined into a well trained and disciplined force that can operate at the highest levels of accomplishment. Whilst we strive to obtain the highest levels of professionalism and simulation it is important that we do not lose sight of the reasons why we chose to dedicate our time and effort to a video game: entertainment.

It is often said within the Roblox community that MILSIM kills fun however we disagree. We believe that MILSIM when executed correctly provides a satisfaction and sense of pride that far exceeds that of simply blasting through a town. Observing the multiple concurrent actions being undertaken to perform a mission is what I believe to be the pinacle of enjoyment that can be obtained from an online game. At the British Army we strive to always find the right balance between achieving the necessary levels of training and camaraderie to execute these succesful missions whilst also not creating a “second fulltime job” for our members.

Finally, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read our documentation and consider our unit. The way we play is not for the faint of heart or those afraid of commitment however if our mission resonates with you then together we can achieve great things.

Our Definition of Military Simulation

The most important thing to understand about the British Army is that we are a Military Simulation unit. In recent years this term has been diluted as the ROBLOX community has grown and a more diverse array of units offering competing levels of tactical realism and bureaucratic simulation have emerged. At the British Army we firmly believe we are primarily a Tactical Simulation group - we take this to mean that we aim to fully simulate the in game tactics that would be employed by the real military from the leadership level all the way down to the standard infantryman. We do not however believe that this requires increased complexity for the individual player. This means that our environment may make sacrifices such as the use of third person in order to improve the cohesion of the player.

Below are several key factors of our definition of Military Simulation to help you evaluate our playstyle:

Infantry Focused Combined Arms

We limit the number of vehicular assets - in particular heavy ground armour - so that we can create a great experience for the infantry.

Quality over Quantity

We focus on recruiting great people to fight with us and training them to the highest level. Many ROBLOX units focus on getting people in the door regardless of their attitude or alignment with the group. We are interested in people who are going to stick around and learn the tactics and techniques that we use.

Real Life Comes First

We understand that ROBLOX is just a game and as such you might not always be able to attend. We never want you to be in a position where you are sacrifing your real life activities to meet our requirements and we implement strong redundancy plans at every level of the chain of command so that absence does not affect the wider group.

However we also encourage you to think about the good of the unit when you need to be absent and consider stepping down from your position to take a Leave of Absence in the event that life takes an unforseen turn.